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GOCBS followers,

Here in the metro we have a significant problem affecting our organization and we need your help.

Our problem is that pet/cage/companion birds continue to be released outdoors, and to date, we have received reports of more than 45 Budgies, several Cockatiels, several Quakers and a Sun Conure…. Let’s be clear; these are birds that no one is looking for!

As I’m sure you know, we post every bird we are notified of as being missing. We have set up countless “bait“ cages to try to catch birds, and since April, many have been caught. We know there are many videos out on YouTube and TikTok regarding people releasing birds to the wild, and wonder if this is part of that movement. What we also know is that this morning it got down to 41° and our pet/cage/companion birds don’t do well with cold temperatures.

So we ask, would everyone please share our message?

“The Greater Omaha Cage Bird Society will take in any unwanted pet/cage/companion bird, no questions asked!” To be clear, a pet/cage/companion bird is one that typically would live in our home. Some examples are finches, parakeets (there are many different types of parakeets; not just Budgies.) Cockatiels, any number of types of parrots, etc. If you have a question, please contact us regarding the type of bird.

(FYI, we do not take in Ringneck doves, pigeons, or barnyard fowl).

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