Bird Fair

Sept 22, 2019
The Grass Wagon

110 S. 29th Street

Council Bluffs, IA

15 second delay on all slides. Arrows on left and right to go forward and back.

Orange-Winged Amazons

Names:Baby Boy (Left) and Baby Girl (Right)

Ages:  Both Approximately 15 yrs.

Health Issues:  Baby Boy has a healed broken foot from years ago and moves slowly.  Baby Girl has had a growth by on right side of beak, 

which has been evaluated as benign.

Temperament:  Mellow temperaments. Baby Girl will not step up, but Baby Boy may step on hand after he trusts you.  Usually quiet, they 

can be loud during day (usually 15 minutes in morning and early evening.)

Diet:  ZuPreem Natural for Parrots and Conures.

Status:  Ready for Adoption.

NOTE:  Bonded Pair - Must be adopted together.