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Breed: Goffin Cockatoo

Sex: Female (believed)

Age: 26 yrs. Old

Diet: Zupreem Pellets (Natural, Veggie & Fruit) Unsalted in Shell Peanuts, Fresh Fruits & Veggies, Loves Pastas & Peanut Butter.

Health Issues: None

Behavior: Feathers is a typical Goffin Cockatoo, She wants ALL the attention. She Love head scratches and to hang out on your shoulder, relaxing watching the  t.v.

She does okay with other birds.

Feathers NEEDS A MALE ONLY OWNER. She will BITE and "ATTACK" Women.

 also a home with NO CHILDREN is advised.

Bird Fair

April 25, 2021

9 am - 3 pm
The Grass Wagon

110 S. 29th Street

Council Bluffs, IA