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GOCBS Adoption Information Page
Jessie Pagett for more information.


There is a minimal fee charged to adopt a bird.
There is no cost to place a bird up for adoption.

Lost and found birds will stay in foster care for two weeks while attempts are made to find the original owner before adopting them out.

Birds will be offered to club members first, then to the general public with purchase of membership.

Volunteers are needed for fostering birds. If you have a room or quarantine area, and want to sign up to foster, contact Julie.

Adoption fees are as follows:

$10 Finch

$10 Parakeet

$10 Canary

$40 Love Bird

$40 Parrotlet

$40 Cockatiel

$40 Conure

$40 Quaker

$100 Grey

$100 Amazon

$100 Cockatoo

$100 Macaw

All adopters are required to be members of GOCBS

and live within a 50 mile radius (or one hour drive) of Omaha.

GOCBS is not responsible for the health or behavior of
the birds being adopted. We encourage anyone interested
in adopting a bird to have it checked out by a vet, and of
course to quarantine it from other birds in the home for
a 30 day period.

To inquire about birds available for adoption, or to place a bird for adoption, please click on the forms below.

After submitting the inquiry form, please look for an email with the subject line "GOCBS Inquiry" from, usually within 48 hours. All responses will come via email.

Available Birds
Place Bird for Adoption
Foster Home Inquiry
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